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Sep 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
cancer deaths in the united states this year will come from preventible causes like tobacco use, obesity and physical enactivity. it also predict -- enactivity. it also predicts that soon cancer will be the number one kill near boat the united states and global. >>> new research may explain why some people are able to eat whatever they want without gaining weight. 26 types of bacteria in the human digestive system which appear to be linked to obesity. scientists believe these bacteria could contribute to a condition known as metabolic syndrome which increases the risk of heart problems and diabetes. >> they include elevated cholesterol levels, elevated serum triglyceride lefts, high fasting glucose levels, insulin resistance, high blood pressure. >> another sign of metabolic syndrome is extra belly fat. scientists say they plan to continue to explore the bacteria's role in the condition and obesity in general. >>> researchers at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles say latino people have an increased risk of developing type ii diabetes because they store fat in their pancreas. the study a
Sep 7, 2012 4:30am EDT
, government agencies are private the sugars in the united states spend $750 billion on wasteful and unnecessary medical costs. 30-cents of every medical dollar. the group is saying that health providers must be held accountable and patients need to be more savvy. >>> the washington, d.c. health department is reporting the city's first death from west nile virus this summer. the victim was an elderly man. a second washington, d.c. resident is in the hospital now. and nationwide there is a sharp increase, a lot of them in texas. >>> a new study looking at the brca 1 or 2 breast cancer green mutation found that those who had a mammogram before they were 30 are at an increased risk. radiation exposure is a known risk factor for breast cancer. researchers suggest that they use a mri. >>> there is a downside for diagnosing infants with congenital heart disease in the womb. the babies do better, but 30% of mothers reported feeling stress and anxious after receiving the diagnosis. a researchers suggest that they receive psychological support. >>> drinking a non alcoholic version of red
Sep 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
possibly from the federal reserve for the united states. most analysts expect the fed will announce new steps today to jump start our economy when it wraps up a two-day meeting. on wall street the dow stands this morning 13,333. we don't see that kind of number all the time. it added 10 points. nasdaq was also up by about 10. the s&p 500 added about 3 points. >>> the rumor is pretty much dead on accurate. you know we're going to talk about the new iphone 5. it's thinner. it's lighter. get ready because we're talking about it all morning long. the company taking the wraps off its new smartphone at an event in san francisco. it also has a faster processor, a larger four-inch screen. it will hit stores september 21 and it will start at $199. so get in line right now or else you're not going to get your phone. apple has sold more than 250 million iphones since it first introduced the one five years ago that started this whole thing. old iphones can hold on to their value pretty well if you don't know that. you can get $275 for an at&t version and about $230 for the verizon and sprint models
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3